Brand Matter
Brand and Licensing Experts


Licensing,Brand Strategy & Marketing Consultants 

Areas of Expertise

Brand Strategy

  • Work with brand owners to identify logical brand extensions into new categories and retailers
  • Help create a cohesive brand architecture with a focus on growth 
  • Maintain the authenticity of brand- DNA is everything 


Retail Strategy

  • Help clients better understand the retail climate and those retailers appropriate to each brand
  • Maintain close working relationships with retailers and assist clients to gain access 
  • Provide strategy towards omni-channel growth and how to strengthen the digital business 

Creative & Marketing Direction

  • Deliver creative talents to build appropriate brand decks, style guides, etc
  • Provide quantifiable strategic direction to clients how to communicate their brand effectively to the licensing community
  • Talented team of graphic designers and creative directors available for all creative needs and research experts to measure actionable consumer insights.

Licensing Strategy

  • Work with brand owners to execute agreed upon category expansion strategy
  • Connect brands with appropriate vendor partners who understand the DNA and will be accretive to the business
  • Work with vendor partners to fill white space by licensing appropriate brands

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Work with operating companies interested in accretive acquisitions and bring appropriate targets
  • Intimate understanding of both the operational and licensing sides of businesses
  • Strong relationships across categories 

Talent Management

  • Work with clients to bring appropriate talent to projects
  • Experience working with high profile individuals and their specific needs
  • Close relationships with the appropriate network to align talent to the right brands